Tromsø Museum

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Tromsø Museum is open again from June 1st! Discover the fascinating culture, nature, and history of Northern Norway at the Tromsø Museum. The Tromsø Museum is open every day from 11:00 to 17:00.
The Tromsø Museum offers a wide category of temporary and permanent exhibitions that will bring the visitors to a wonderful journey where they will be able to discover, learn and explore the intriguing history of a whole new world. The exhibitions that cover a wide area of interests such as nature, animals, archeology, indigenous people and science will open your horizons and broaden your knowledge with the most interesting stories, history, and facts. For those passionate about the Northern Lights, the museum has a unique exhibition that offers interesting information and the possibility to create your own Northern Lights! Learn about the Sami culture, travel to the Stone Age, contemplate the beauty of the medieval church and immerse fully in the most wonderful and fascinating history